Abra is a fascinating little bugger, albeit one that dies when breathed upon too hard. That's why it doesn't intend to stick around for that occurring.

Abra is a notorious Teleporter, and will typically run away from you unless you get lucky on the first ball, put it to sleep, or paralyze it. In some games, you may actually be better off throwing a ball and hoping for the best rather than paralyzing it and hoping for 50% of immobility, unless you have Sleep Powder.

If you do somehow get it, it will be an incredible special attacker once it hits 16 and becomes Kadabra (or earlier, if you teach it a TM). Be warned, however, that you will have to either trade or patch your game to enable trade evolutions if you want Alakazam.

Abra and its evolutionary relatives can be caught in every main series game thus far except for those in Generation V.

Completed analyses of the Abra line so far: