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Project NuzlockeDex aims to create a comprehensive analysis for every single Pokemon in every main-series Pokemon game. Randomized games and hacks will not be included within the parameters. Anyone is free to edit, but remember to make sure that the information that you add is accurate, helpful, and grammatically correct. If you consider yourself to be an experienced Nuzlocker, or just a Pokémon expert in general, your help would be much appreciated! The ultimate goal is for Project NuzlockeDex to become a useful tool for Nuzlockers all around who want to seek advice. Be polite, and enjoy!

If you are new to the NuzlockeDex Wiki and want to write your own review, please check these links first!

Note that some of the WIPS are in Abandoned status. These analyses are analyses that were started by people who later abandoned them. An analysis is considered abandoned after three months into the user not editing the page at all. If you can take up an abandoned analysis and finish writing it, we would be very grateful. You can check which analyses have been abandoned here:

Did you find a Pokémon you want to analyze, which doesn't have a WIP or a completed analysis yet? If it isn't in the Analysis Claim Board, go ahead and claim it for yourself here (remember to read the rules of the board first):

After that, feel free to copy and paste the matchup schemes from this page:

And last but not least, here's the page you should always check if you have a question or need to figure out how to do something:

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